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Loyalty Has Resumed Its Pride Of Place

The restoration of Orok Duke to his position in the Niger-Delta intervention regime is a significant leap, a milestone that marks a turning point in our political reward system in the state which had been eroded in time past. It goes further to show that the incident of always rewarding those who are not usually loyal and supportive to a system is a trajectory-deviation which Prince Otu is unwilling to entertain. This has firmed the people’s confidence and, further, deepened their trust in him. Ideally, loyalty, uncompromised commitment to a cause and the unwavering support for it must, first, converge before a successful pursuit of reward is advanced. This is because the notion of reverse vengeance, where enemies are rather rewarded as against devoted loyalists, as it were previously, had yielded profound implications that have been undesirable. I am a witness.

Interestingly, our political landscape is rapidly evolving: through new electoral reforms, power has, originally, returned to the people. Therefore, to thrive and endure in it, there must be an adequate reward mechanism. It would have been a bad precedence for Prince Otu to validate the narrative that those who usually work in the state political vine yard are usually denied access to the vine field during harvest, if he had not heeded the strident outcry of the people that was echoed in protest. Prince Otu has charted a new dimension in leadership by proving that calmness is not weakness.

The effortless upturning of that odd appointment is a strong warning to those who fall into the category of seeing our state as an annexed territory of Obia-kpor in Rivers. The bubbles from Rivers, unduly, enjoyed by some traitors within who have attempted to broker the sale of our state as annexed territory just to advance their parochial and self serving visions have expired. The new Sheriff in town would not spare any of such bubbles. All must burst with humiliating swish. The new sheriff is resolute and determined to excel in his administration and stay ahead the curve. It is not a season of sweatiness for nothing: it is a season where attempts of controlling the state from distant land by some inebriates will not be tolerated.

The appropriate use of the lever to the dynamics of the delicate interplay between loyalty and reward is dependent on the leader. Prince Otu has not only decided to firm his grip on that lever, but to use it adequately, as could be seen in the installation of Orok Duke. It is a remarkable endeavor that has stunned many, especially the outliers at the opposing end who were already making mockery of the incident, with the impression that it is irreversible.

By this, Prince Otu has achieved a heroic feat that heralds a new chapter in the use of authoritative value allocation with anticipation of extra ordinary possibilities. Without this daring undertaking, the challenges and uncertainties would have been too formidable to overcome. No wise leader will ever allow his credibility in governance to be belittled. He has already started on a high note, showing signs of his relentless consistency in blazing the trail. He has shown readiness in paying any price, support any friend, oppose any foe and bear any pain in sub serving the general interest of the people in the concentric order of the party, first, the people and the entire state. The people are confident that the next seven and a half years will be very defining for the state.

With the Orok Duke that I know being in the NDDC Board, the Niger Delta intervention regime will record remarkable success in pushing the boundaries of opportunities, while aiding its acceleration to unexplored frontiers to unearth new possibilities and at the end, such astonishing accomplishment is going to be for the benefit of us all. Is this what we could have missed? A man, who from the very beginning of his political career, has enjoyed un- besmirched reputation will never compromise in any way while representing his people in any capacity.The choice to settle for Orok Duke was well informed.

Politically, some people will always dare to reap where they did not sow and will even do it with every air of arrogance and pride. We must always, for purpose of sanity, be devoted to defund such odd confidence by being out-rightly responsive, just as Prince Otu did because it, usually, provokes morbid feelings amongst those who have been selfless and loyal, as it makes mockery of their invaluable contributions and selfless dedication to sustain the system. These are some of the tragic systemic ravages that cast shadows of discouragement to loyalty. But we thank God the present administration has, bold-facedly, demonstrated objectionable tendencies to the morbid narratives of “monkey work, baboon chop”.

Congratulations Rt. Hon. Orok Duke and,
Congratulations APC Cross River!

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