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Meet The Youngest Crossriverian Youth To Join the League of Global Dollar -Billionaires

This is Jesam Michael, a Crossriverian youth from Ugep who has broken the fallow grounds in the uncharted realm of block-chain-based digital asset arbitrage.

With 20 years experience in FOREX trading and 15 years cognate experience in the Crypto arbitrage, he was able, in May, 2022, to design a tripartite module that comprise of High Frequency Trading (HFT), Artificial Super-Intelligence (ASI) and Micro-server to execute trade in an unbelievable time propulsion of “a millisecond”. A millisecond is one second divided by one thousand which means in a second, this module must have carried-out trade one thousand times and turned-in profits, generating several millions every hour. He started the project in May,2022, and completed it in December, 2022 while the Tech commenced trading in January, 2023. From that January to April, 2023, the Tech has already generated some hundreds of billions. One can imagine how one of Jesam’s employees stole N87 Billion from Jesam, yet, Jesam did not go bankrupt as could be seen in the links below: (https://africantimesmagazine.com/2023/police-drags-lagos-big-boy-abayomi-to-court-over-n87b-theft) https://www.nairaland.com/7770573/n87b-theft-police-drags-lagos.

If 87billion should be stolen from a state, that state economy will collapse. In just 4 months that his invented arbitrage Tech commenced operation, he has amassed so much wealth that is bigger than the economy of ten states combined together.

Just like CZ of Binance and Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jesam Michael has invented a very unique Tech that has made even Silicon Valley to blush. The dominion of his multi-billion Tech Empire spreads across over 130 countries of the world and still expanding. Considering the unimaginable rate at which his asset expands, in less than a decade, the African Richest Man may come from Cross River this time around. Can anything good thing come out from Nazareth? That question that was asked more than 2000 years ago is repeating it self in Cross River, a state only reputed for economic misfortune, ranging from the loss of Bakassi, to loss of 76 oil wells to assuming the status as the second poorest state in the country, where a youth who will bring economic redemption to the world comes from.

This is what the former Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yomie Osinbajo had to say about block-chain based digital asset, “Of blockchain technology, digital assets and cryptocurrencies, let me say two things: first, is that blockchain technology generally, and cryptocurrencies in particular, will in the coming years challenge traditional banking, including reserve banking, in ways that we cannot yet imagine. So we need to be prepared for that seismic shift, and it may come sooner than later. Already remittance systems are being challenged. Blockchain technology will provide far cheaper options to the kind of fees being paid today for cross-border transfers by banks. I’m sure you’re all aware of the challenge that the traditional SWIFT system is facing from new systems like Ripple, which is based on the blockchain distributed Ledger technology with its own crypto tokens. So there are, of course, a whole range of digital assets spawned daily from blockchain technology. Decentralized finance, using smart contracts to create financial instruments in place of central financial intermediaries such as banks or brokerages, is set to challenge traditional finance.The likes of Nexo Finance offers instant loans using cryptocurrency as collateral. In fact, some Reserve banks are already investigating their own issuing their own digital currencies. Clearly the future of money and finance, especially for traditional banking, must be or is as exciting as it is frightening.”

Jesam will soon float his own stable coin, create his own exchange and a digital debit card that will be used world wide. Just as Cockcroft and Walton Split the Atom in 1932 through the process of nuclear fission and changed the course of scientific history forever, Jesam Michael, With his stunning Tech invention, is shifting global landscape in wealth creation and unearthing a hidden trove in the arbitrage of digital asset. It is a high-fall of enlightenment to recognize that it was in our time that a Crossriverian youth rose to the pinnacle of global economic power.

“Tempora Mutantor Etnor Mutamur inilis” times change and we change with time. The future is no longer in oil, neither is it in politics, but in the trending block-chain-based digital asset arbitrage which just started in 2009 and we must change the orientation of our education to fit-in to this new trend. The kind of money some people make in the oil sector in their life-time and the kind of money people have stolen in politics in their life time is the kind of money Jesam makes in a matter of few months. Just in few months that he launched his Tech he has done massive youth empowerment where he had spent several hundreds of millions to establish them in Tech investment.

This should be a wake-up call for the youth to have a re-orientation.

By Eval Asikong

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