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The Alphonsus Expedition That Stood Us On A Remarkable Threshold of History

The Alphonsus Expedition started with the inter party flip-switch of the PLUG Doctrine from the opposition to the ruling party. Young and cerebral Alphonsus made history as the youngest ever to hold a flagship position of a ruling party in the state. His radical political crusade has broken many stiff grounds in a state where PDP flows in its blood stream and has pathfinded the ascension of young cerebral brains to national and international recognition. To many, he is the bringer of luck to our state which is truth.

It has become most obvious from every historical prism that, for the first time, Cross River has produced two ministers at the same time. Today, we stand in hunger of deep admiration, as we are being fed with the glimpse of this beautiful political tapestry. Our state has, once again, experienced a phenomenal rise to national prominence where voices of young Harvard brains like Asuquo Ekpenyong (Jnr) and Betta Edu, dominate discourses at the national scene, projecting incredible initiatives to the solution front-burner of the nation to the bewilderment of their colleagues.

The news headline is no longer of a state, whose economic confidence has been fractured by staggering liabilities; the news headline is no longer of a state whose position in contributing to national wealth is considered to be that of a trivial out-lier; the news is no longer of a people who are considered expendable in the scheme of national development; the headline is no longer of a people whose dignity is made warped by self pity. It is now of a people with the richest talent pool dominated by young cerebral minds that has attracted the nation’s eagle eye for shopping. We were, once, the delight of the nation because of our invaluable contribution in human and natural resources: we are revalidating that value offering by surrendering our best brains to enhance the structures and pillars of nation building and national development.

We have sufficiently proven that the actual wealth is that which is in the brain, and not in some exhaustible minerals beneath our shelf. This is a reborn that has started reflating our confidence to ascend higher wrung of national prominence. It is a high-fall of enlightenment to recognize that I, Eval Asikong, am part of this glorious political expedition that has brought us to this threshold of history. Our journey through the weary path to greatness had been grueling, but it paid-off. I am glad I sustained my resolve to fight on the part of honour.

By Eval Asikong

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